Welcome to The Jacaranda Foundation

By making a donation to the Jacaranda Foundation, you are changing the life of an orphan in Malawi, giving him or her the chance to go to school entirely for free, graduate, go to college and find
qualified employment.

You can also send a check or money order written to:
Jacaranda Foundation
2578 Broadway, Suite 142
New York NY 10025, USA

The Jacaranda Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible
(Tax ID #: 760774306).

For more information or for any question you may have, please contact us at

The Jacaranda school is a realistic and highly efficient project. Every dollar, euro, pound or Malawi kwacha raised is maximized to benefit the children. The impact is immediate and makes a tremendous difference.

Our team is entirely made of volunteers. Luc Deschamps, the executive director of the Jacaranda Foundation, is based in Malawi and supervises the development of the school.

Your donation will contribute to:

* Feeding and educating 400 orphans
* Operating AIDS prevention and health programs
* Paying teachers salaries
* Purchasing textbooks and classrooms equipment.

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If you wish to send a donation directly to Malawi, you can do so at the following address:
Jacaranda Foundation, Luc Deschamps (director),
P.O. Box 5708, Limbe, Malawi.
We are in dire need of textbooks, reading books, school supplies of all kinds; food such as sugar and maize; and clothes, blankets.

$20 a month provides education, health and nutrition for one orphan student and allows him or her to graduate from Jacaranda primary school and Jacaranda secondary school. Thanks to your help, the children will then be able to go to college and find qualified employment in Malawi.
$5 pays for a textbook
$15 is the price of 50kg of maize
$20 provides education, health and nutrition for one orphan for a month
$50 is the cost of a school desk (sits two students)
$100 buys 400 exercise books

$200 is the monthly salary of a primary school teacher in Malawi
$300 is the monthly salary of a secondary school teacher in Malawi
$1,000 send a Jacaranda School graduate student to technical college for a year
$2,000 sends a Jacaranda School graduate student to university for a year
$5,000 is the price of the construction of a classroom
Thanks to contributions we have received, we have built a proper secondary school, sixteen toilets with running water, a library and study room, a small clinic and a physics and science laboratory.