Welcome to The Jacaranda Foundation
Sponsor one of our 400 orphan students. $20 a month (tax-deductible in the U.S.) allows him or her to stay in school, graduate from Jacaranda primary school and Jacaranda secondary school. The children will then be able to go to college and find qualified employment in Malawi.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't mention the Jacaranda School. It is an honor to be able to help. The students' desire and genuine interest in learning is remarkable, and given the chance, they can do anything.

Robert Burke
Maths teacher at Shanghai American School. (Click here to learn more about the connection between Jacaranda School & Shanghai American School.)

Thank you so much for your support. Because of your generosity, these children will receive the proper education and care they desperately need.

Marie Da Silva
Jacaranda School Founder
Orphans sponsored so far: 270
The Sponsor an Orphan program was launched on October 24, 2010, in honor of Marie's birthday.
Our 400 students have lost their mother, their father, or both parents. These orphan children live in very difficult conditions.

$20 a month pays for everything:

- The orphans' educations
- School supplies such as textbooks, pens, pencils, etc
- Daily meals of porridge
- Medical care, including the special attention for HIV positive students.

* To join our Sponsor an Orphan program, choose a child from the grades listed on this page. You will find a brief description of each child's situation. From there, you can sign up for the monthly sponsorship. Each year, you will receive:

- A letter from the child you sponsor
- A picture of the Jacaranda School for your home or office
- A certificate of membership to welcome you as part of the Jacaranda School for Orphans Family.

(Click here to read an article written by a Shanghai American School student about the Sponsor an Orphan program.)
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